Así me despido.

I don’t really know how and what to feel right now, what a huge mix of emotions going on here. Sitting here at the airport in the other side of the world and only two flights away from home. With me I take a backpack full of experiences, ideas, perspectives and new friendships. I don’t regret for a second the decision I’ve made a year ago, for as much as I miss my family and friends.

I have a lot to thank to my dear ‘Lorenzo’ who was my companion and my confident. I don’t know if I would have done this on my own, at least for this long. You have been an incredible company and I’ve learned so much with you. You’re a free spirit, a beautiful heart.

How does one processes over a year of travelling? I’m still struggling to go through everything in my head. From the beautiful end of the world in Argentina to the warm Colombia going through Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. What a journey! Phone lost, found and returned to me, laptop stolen by armed thieves, salmonela, tifoide and other types of bacteria infections, worked remotely, so many trekking adventures, swimming with plankton, star gazing, bumping into people over and over again through many countries, climbing mountains, long bus journeys… Some things I’m definitely not going to miss, like sleeping in a room with loud snorers!

From Mexico to Cuba.

What a great surprise it was to have my sister travelling with me for 2 months. It brought me home slightly earlier. The first but not the last long trip together. It’s so important to spend quality time with the ones you love.

All the incredible people I met, people that I will see again, people that I won’t. People that I will always remember for teaching me something or for making my day better in some way. Some people have so little and give so much. This little Venezuelan girl I met in Cartagena, who had to leave the country due to the current situation, has now a barbie, her only barbie, called Margarida. I offered her my hair tie as I was braiding her hair and she went running to her mum telling what happened. Her mum came to me to say thank you and both gave me a hug. This man, begging in the street, asking for pencils for his little girl. I gave him my pink pencil and he kissed it while almost crying of happiness. Sanina, she told me I was one of the most beautiful girls she’s seen. She probably thinks I forgot that already. It’s these easy little gestures that can brighten up someone’s day. Let’s do more of this.

I’ve learned not to judge. We judge so much without having a clue of what people are going through. I do it as well, we all do it almost unconsciously, but we need to be more aware, open and understanding of others situation.

I’m gonna miss the freedom. The freedom to choose where I want to go, when I want to go, and who I take with me. I’ll never forget that feeling. This is what most scares me from going back to a routine but at the same time something I really miss and I’m looking forward to.

Life is exactly this, a constant chase for happiness and we need different things in different moments of our lives. I really miss my bedroom (I don’t know anymore which bedroom I consider my bedroom). I really miss my friends and those I know exactly where they are. My family that has been constantly asking me when I’m back even knowing from the beginning that I wouldn’t be back anytime soon. Mum, you can now finally relax, I’m on my way back. From Mexico to Cuba.

From Cuba to Lisbon. Lisbon, the city that received me when I was 16 during 6 years and where I haven’t lived for 6 years as well. How has it been so long?! London was incredible and I’ll be back soon to see all your faces my dear London friends. But now a new life awaits me and I can’t wait to call Portugal my home again. 

See you soon, Portugal ❤️

To my new friends, thank you for making my year a better one! It was so good to meet you. (I will certainly forget to mention people here. Will add it as I remember and go through my photos)

Mar Platense family, I can’t wait to be able to show you Portugal. Please come and I will do my best to be as welcoming as you were. Coli and Bongo, a special thank you for sharing your house with us for over a month. Miss you loads!

Manon and Alan, it was already over a year ago that we met. It was great to get to know Patagonia with you. Let’s meet up soon in Europe!!

Francisco and Chris, it was so much fun to hang out with you two!! Thank you Francisco for receiving us in Buenos Aires, you’re a legend. Chris, where are you now? Mexico? Keep loosing track of you.

My Mags and Bernardo, so good we got to see each other in South America. Come back home soon, ok? It’s not the same without you.

The blonde Mafia in Carnival. Crazy times! I think I still have glitter in my bag.

Fred!! From Católica to Rio. Thanks for your company in Rio. Looking forward to seeing you again in Lisbon!

Rodrigo e Bebel, Rio is not the same without you anymore. Thanks for having me two years in a row in your house!!

Riccie and Lilian, thank you for showing us Curitiba and taking us to this amazing waterfalls. It was really nice to meet you and hope to seeing you in Europe!

The American gang. Eric, Justin and Abbey, my life changed after Cambio. Thanks for introducing us to Cambio and for being such fun people to hang out with!

Nachito!! Lawrie and I keep talking about you and how amazing you are. It was so nice to meet you and your lovely girlfriend after hearing so much about you. We miss Dominga too!!

Bernardo, from Ilha Grande to Córdoba. Thank you for letting us sleep in your floor. It was really nice to see you again in Argentina.

Sunny and Sophia, what an incredible journey we went through together!

Sunny and Jonas, you are hilarious together and you made me laugh a lot. Thanks for keeping the jeep loud and fun.

Omer, the solo Israeli traveler. Shakshuka gained a new meaning with you. Thank you!

Dudes, we miss you already! So many amazing sunsets we watched together. Misfits family, such a great group of people. Capucine, how come I don’t have a photo with you?

My travel buddies in Ecuador, we walked so many kms together and never got bored of each other. Thanks, you’re a great company!

Vicky, you’re such a legend. Buzzing!!

My Catalan friends, what a great night we had together in Filandia. The day after not so good… Aguardiente hangovers are not fun. See you soon!

Abel and Santi, from Hult to Bogotá. So good to see you in your habitats!!

Luis, por duas vezes fui aos teus gigs na Colombia e no México. Duas noites incríveis, obrigada por trazeres um bocadinho de Portugal até estes lados com a tua música.

Margarida, Barbie, and the cuttest girl ever.

Rasta, Luis, Octavio, the Venezuelan family. You really inspired us!

I’m getting emotional now. Merecumbe was special. Cata, Sole, Tom, Martin, Santi, Lule and Nanu. It was SO good to meet you!

Guys, Holbox and Valladolid was so much fun with you! Greg and Ashley, you’re great travel partners. Hope to see you soon somewhere in England or Portugal.

Consuelo, no me puedo creer todavia que nos encontramos asi en San Cristobal en el medio de la Calle. Eres super, estoy segura que nos vamos volver a ver pronto.

Mazunte squad. Such a chilled and genuine group of people. We loved your vibes, can’t wait to see you again.

Cata!! You’re special. Our tattoos need to meet each other soon for the first time. See you in Portugal.

Finally Lawrie’s family. It was lovely to finish up the trip with you guys. You’re an incredible and beautiful family. Thank you for everything!

You know everything. Thank you for coming to see me in Mexico, we had an incredible time together. I could have gone for another year..

And you. THANK YOU for a year of fun, companionship and love. You’re amazing.


(And for the blog followers, don’t worry. The trip is over but we will keep posting.)

Margarida x

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